CEP 813_Minecraft Creation 2: Math Review Rollercoaster

Here is a link to my Minecraft Math Review Coaster: Minecraft Screencast #2

While designing my Minecraft assessment, I really felt like I was forcing any design or assessment idea I came up with…I constantly was asking myself why I needed Minecraft and it’s features, especially if it was something I could do on paper or with tangible materials and get the same results. I really wanted to take advantage of the program’s design features. So I wanted to design something that requires navigation or movement, but also covers several different standards because the design allows for several different types of creations. So, for my Minecraft assessment I made a math review coaster that covers several strands from math 8 Common Core State Standards. The first part of the assessment is the information box at the top of the rollercoaster hill. It asks students to identify the slope of the first hill using two different methods. The students will also need to recognize that the slope is negative. The second assessment asks the students to find the volume of the pyramid. The third assessment asks the students to find the depth of the pool given the volume and then goes on to ask how they could redesign a pool with the same voume but different surface area. The fourth assessment asks the students to identity the coordinates and quadrant in which the rollercoaster cart intersects the coordinate plane. The fifth and last assessment requires the learners to consider two problem-solving tasks that require them to write functions and consider buying and selling the coaster property. After assessing the learners’ ability to navigate this coaster and answer the mini embedded assessments, I would hopefully move on to a more advanced task requiring them to them build a math coaster with assessments embedded for each of the Common Core strands we cover in 8th grade, like I did.

***Please note, due to storms I could not get my final video to upload so I am going to upload a draft. The screencast ends abruptly because Minecraft kept disconnecting from the server but most of the information is there. I will try to upload the complete screencast tomorrow with no interruptions. Thank you 🙂


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