Minecraft Week 1: Exploring the Tutorial World

This week in CEP 813 we explored Minecraft as a learning & assessment tool. Starting in the tutorial world, I naturally wanted to skip the instructional video and jump right into the game and figure things out on my own, which is pretty standard for me. I like to learn as I go. However, after getting started I realized I needed to go back and watch the tutorial.  I wound up shooting pretty much everything (unintentionally), getting lost in a hole I dug, & missing the instructional signs all together! I typically can figure out games as I go, but Minecraft looks and feels like an outdated video game so a lot of the strategies I typically use couldn’t be applied. It actually reminds me of the Mario in 3D Land video game, but if you had to play it on an Atari console with the original Nintendo graphics. The idea is similar with bricks and hidden treasures; there just wasn’t a destination from what I could tell. Although, the purpose for the tutorial world was to learn skills and navigation rather than reach a destination, I think.

For more on the challenges I encountered while exploring the tutorial world and my initial thoughts on using Minecraft as a teaching and learning tool, check out my screencast: Minecraft Screencast #1


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