A Wicked Opportunity: Innovation as Learning Ethic

ImageThe past few weeks we have been exploring a wicked task in small groups; specifically, my group has been tackling making innovation part of the learning ethic. Innovation as learning ethic is a particularly complex problem to solve because there is a lot of uncertainty: the exponentially advancing digital technologies have led to exponential growth in innovation, essentially making the predictability of the future nearly impossible or at least hard to plan for. For example, remember when everyone tried to plan for Y2K? …and then it was a bust? No one wanted to be “that guy” who had horded years worth of food and water in their basement. Similarly, since we can’t begin to fathom the technological advancements that will be available to us in the years to come, trying to create a plan that guides us towards or a more sustainable future using tools that don’t exist yet can be scary. As an educator, I must train my students for jobs that may not even exist yet. I must instill the qualities of a creative problem solver and innovative thinker to help my students prepare for a world of unknowns. And, while uncertainty often causes fear, exploring innovation as learning ethic opens the door to opportunity and CREATIVITY. As a group, we used our diverse experiences, conflicting opinions, and values to achieve a greater understanding of the complex problem at hand. By actively communicating, we were able to create a visual representation and a report based on our findings to solve our wicked problem and address what we believe is the very nature of the problem. The rough draft of our project is available here.


3 thoughts on “A Wicked Opportunity: Innovation as Learning Ethic

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I thought your smore cite was very streamlined. I haven’t used smore before, but I will definitely check it out for the future. Have you thought about adding a visual that describes your wicked problem? It might be a nice addition and a way to pull in your audience.

    I really liked how your white paper described the need for innovation and critical thinking in education. I am passionate about teaching my students skills they will need in life after high school, so this really struck a chord with me. One thing you may want to think about adding to your white paper is a reference to Gee. I noticed yesterday in the project rubric that citing Gee in some way is a requirement, so you may want to think about how you could reference his thoughts, since they definitely fit with your argument.

    When I looked at your prezi I had a hard time zooming in on all of the sections. I know it is a draft, so you may still be doing some tweaking and adding, but I thought I would mention it in case there is a technical glitch.

    Overall, I really like your approach to your wicked problem!

  2. Kristen,

    First of all, I love how you contextualized your Wicked Problem Project in your blog post. You used a really great example with the Y2K and hoarding different things in preparation for it. I like how that directly relates to technology in the future. We have no idea what’s going to happen, that makes things exciting, but also scary in a way!

    This is the first time I’ve actually seen Smore and I really liked it! I think it was very professional and clean looking so I’ll definitely be checking this out more in the future for various projects.

    I mentioned to Shaimaa that I REALLY enjoyed your White Paper. It makes some great points about schools hindering creativity and is most definitely grounded in research. Awesome job with the White Paper. I was interested and found myself in agreement with many of your ideas. It was great!

    I especially liked the Glogster. I never would’ve thought of using this tool for this project, but it seems so fun and definitely goes along with the creativity topic of your project. I also enjoyed the video you placed on there. It was very entertaining and so true! If only we (schools) would set more time aside for creativity I can’t imagine what our students would be capable of! Wow!

    Overall, I think you and your group did a wonderful job on your project. The ideas that you’ve brought about are amazing and really need to brought to the attention of educational reformists, politicians, schools, educators, administrators, and people of this country in a hurry so we can get back on track with innovation and creativity in our schools. We always say that we want what’s best for our students, innovation and creativity is what’s best!

    Nice job to you and your team! I truly enjoyed it!

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