CEP 812: Problem of Practice

This week our task was to choose a problem of practice and illustrate how a digital tool would address the problem. The problem of practice I chose to address in my geometry classroom is classifying and proving quadrilaterals. I believe this is an ill structured problem because there are several important variables that need to be considered, in context, at the same time. That is, students must make connections to prior learning and using reasoning skills to formalize definitions, make conjectures, and write proofs. In the screencast below I will show how using the interactive math software, Geogebra is much more effective for teaching quadrilateral properties and how it allows learners to explore more diverse learning scenarios.


One thought on “CEP 812: Problem of Practice

  1. Kristen, what a really cool tool! As someone who struggled with geometry by learning in the abstract with nothing to manipulate or relate it to, I would have loved something like this. It was not until I started designing and building real objects that I began to understand the value of geometry and learned it quickly through practical application. Your comments on the limitations of text book examples is true for many subjects. I must admit when all the mathematical terminology came pouring out at the beginning I was intimidated (Post Mathematic Stress Disorder?), but once I saw how you were able to manipulate the objects without destroying the elements of the structure that defines them I was drawn right in. Thanks for the screencast and thank you for being a math teacher.

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