Networked Learning Final Post: Free Fallin’


(sources listed in the video as I discuss them, not at the beginning, fyi)

(part of reflection @end of video)

This project was refreshing for me in so many ways. It not only reminded me of the struggles learners face when trying something new, but it also reminded me to use resources that are out there, such as help forums or videos on the web. Sometimes I forget what an abundant amount of information is out there for teachers. During this project, my kids were able to identify with me in new ways as they watched me struggle and slowly but surely make progress. So many of them wanted to reach out and help me… and often got frustrated watching me knowing they couldn’t tell me what to do. It was interesting to watch/experiences because I have sat by them so many times and have had to bite my tongue or shove my hand in my pocket so I wouldn’t grab their pencil or tell them the answer. If anything, the learners in my classroom felt more comfortable making mistakes or sharing an idea knowing it could be wrong. They watched me be okay with my mistakes and I think it truly helped them.  We laughed together at my inability to push down the chords and at my peeling fingers. We also had a small rock band in my classroom before school. It is nice to see that they were just as supportive of me as I learned something new as I try to be for them.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this project, I did face my fair share of issues. Learning to play the acoustic guitar was definitely more challenging that I anticipated. I discuss several of the challenges in my video…there were so many components to learning the guitar that I had not considered, like tuning the guitar or physical pain (sore fingers). Consequently, I had to readjust and modify my goals and plans. Looking back I would have paced my learning differently. Learning the chord placement and strumming patterns were very easy. I gave those skills far too much time in terms of my plan. I should’ve focused on transitioning between chords, which is something I still struggle with.

I think networked learning would work well with the flipped classroom. I wonder what my students would come up with if I told my students to go home and only use YouTube to learn about triangle congruence. I bet they would learn more on YouTube than I could teach them in 45 minutes. I bet they would find the task exciting. I may try to have my students use networked learning while completing the three dimensional lesson plan I posted previously. I will keep everyone posted on how that goes 🙂

Overall, even though I didn’t reach my goal (YET!), I did learn a ton…about the guitar, resources, and learning in general.

(information fairly used according to creative commons and fair use)


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