Cooking with TPACK

For the cooking with TPACK activity, my friend Kelsey chose a mixing bowl, a standard dinner plate and a fork to help me make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which was a cooking task randomly drawn from a hat. I think I was very fortunate with the utensils I had to work with and the cooking task I had to complete.

Traditionally I wouldn’t consider a fork technology; however, after watching Punya’s video, I can see that the fork is a very important utensil. If it weren’t invented we would all be eating like Neanderthals and Ariel would still be combing her hair with her fingers or worse yet, leaving it tangled. Anyways, a fork isn’t traditionally used for spreading, or combing, but just as Ariel redefined the fork as a brush, I was able to successfully repurpose the fork as a spreading & scooping tool. I was given a fork and I had to repurpose it and customize it to support my PB&J making process. I found that the fork actually worked just as well as a butter knife, which would be my first choice and go to utensil for making PB&Js.

This cooking activity closely aligns with the TPAK model for several reasons. We had to take standard kitchen utensils, which are readily available & explore ways we could potentially repurpose them to complete a cooking task. By integrating technology (given kitchen utensils), content (cooking) and pedagogy (method used to cook) as overlapping ideas instead of mutually exclusive concepts, I was able to successfully “cook” a peanut butter and jelly sandwich & redefine the purpose of a fork. I guess you could say I created “the knorkoon,” a multi-purposed fork-knife-spoon combination.

Punya’s video and this activity really made me think about the technology I use in my classroom and how I use it. I’m always searching for the new, cool device or application I can use to teach; however, I rarely ever think about how I can redefine or repurpose technology I already have and use. It’s almost as if I am ready to recycle the old as soon as the new comes in. This article has encouraged me to think about the technology I have and how I could explore different ways to use and enhance it.


Mishra, P. (2012). 21st century learning conference. Video retrieved from


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