A lot has changed this past week, and no, I’m not referring to the size of the calluses growing on the tips of my fingers. Ladies and gentleman, I have decided to change the song I am learning to play on the guitar for my PLN project. I’ve said good riddance to playing “Good Riddance” by Green Day. It was just too tricky for me. However, I am very happy with the song I ended up choosing to play. The transitions between the chords are much more “do-able” and it’s such a timeless, feel good song. The song is [insert drumroll] “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty. Good choice, right?

I made a video again this week to show my progress. The intro is short clips of things I say to my kids and roommates, but mostly my kids. They love that I tell them I am going to be famous, I can tell when they roll their eyes at me, trust me, it’s how teenagers show love, in a cool, cavalier way. Oh, and can you believe it? 99% of them didn’t know who Tom Petty is. Needless to say I played Tom Petty on repeat all afternoon.

In terms of my goals, I am still on track with the initial timeline I set up in my first post. I am in between the goals I set for week 2 & week 3, which is awesome considering I started over this week. However, I think that learning the chords and the other guitar playing basics the first week really helped me pick up much faster on the new song this week. On my “Guitar” notebook on Springpad you can see the resources I have been using to learn guitar….that YouTube guy is amazing!!! He has the best tutorials.

On a different note, the coolest part of this project (in my opinion) is getting to watch my students react to me struggling while learning something new. I think it has done great things in my classroom. They see me learn from my mistakes, monitor my progress, and accomplish goals. They love asking me how I am doing and they think it is goofy how excited I get when I finally get the hang of something new. Oh, and did I mention the small rock band that showed up in my classroom the day after I announced that I would be learning to play the guitar? I had a handful of students show up with their guitars ready to play first thing in the morning. They were ready to support me 100%, even though I couldn’t accept their help. How cool is that?


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