Getting Things Done

This week we were asked to explore technologies that could potentially help manage and organize our daily workflow. When I learn about new things I become this crazy ADD person who wants to jump in and try everything all at once. So, now I have four accounts, one for each of the new organization applications that interested me the most.  After playing around on each site, I narrowed my choices down to Evernote and Springpad.

After reading an article on Lifehacker, I felt like I had a better overall understanding of the similarities and differences between the two apps.  While I found the applications to be similar, the article argues that the two are very different products. In terms of online organizational tools, Evernote is where I eventually want to end up, but I think it is too intense for me right now. From what I’ve gathered, it seems to be a much better route for organizing documents and information as well as arranging to-do-lists; however, Springpad seems to offer similar features in a much more user-friendly way, which is why I opted to use it for the time being.

I really enjoy using Springpad because it is very functional. The first notebook I created was for my PLN. I called it “Guitars” and started creating links to videos and websites I have used for my project. Now, instead of having a million bookmarks in my bookmark bar, I have a notebook that has all of my links in one place, which I love.

With more practice and time I hope to learn how to use Evernote AND Springpad. I like using Springpad to organize projects, such as my PLN, or classroom units, but I can see myself eventually transferring my 3-page to-do-list onto Evernote. It seems to be more practical for organizing and categorizing lists in terms of their importance, which is something I currently do on paper. Once I get the hang of Evernote (in addition to Springpad) I think I will become much more productive in several aspects of my life. But, for now, as a newbie, I love that Springpad is user-friendly and is functional with my phone, iPad, and computer.


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